The Differences between Admins and Users

By default, there are two types of roles set with unique access levels within QSROnline: 1) Admins and 2) Users. Based on your access level, you will either refer to the Administrator Help Guide or the User Help Guide.

*Please note that Admins have the permission to create more roles for their company within QSROnline using the Role Editor.

Administrators (aka) Admins

Admins, the shortened title for Administrators, have permission to every single feature within the QSROnline Client. Company Administrators are responsible for creating new users for their company within QSROnline. Admins also set the permissions for those users, in terms of what features they have access through the use of roles. Company Administrators are typically restaurant owners, supervisors, operations directors, or uppermanagement of some kind. They often serve as the primary contact for their company to QSROnline.

For tutorials and videos designed for Administrators, please visit the Administrator Help Guide.


Users are typically lower-level employees who do not need access to as many features as Administrators do. By default, those assigned to the User role will not have access to as many features as Administrators, such as the Role Editor and User Editor. Most often, Users do not have access to the following features: Role Editor, User Editor, Food Cost Configuration, and GL Codes. However, these settings are left up to your company Administrator and can vary from company to company.

For tutorials and videos designed for Users, please visit the User Help Guide.