Variance Food Cost Summary

The Variance Food Cost Summary Report is an excellent way to view a snapshot of your variance food cost across departments and subdepartments, helping identify potential problems, such as excess waste, theft, or improper portion control.

For a more detailed report on Food Cost, please view the Variance Food Cost Detail Report.

Accessing the Report

Accessing the Report

To access the Variance Food Cost Summary Report:

1. Click on the Menu icon.

2. Hover over Food Cost.

3. Click on Variance Food Cost Summary.

Viewing the Report

1. Select the appropriate unit or units.

2. Select the type of the report. Types include shift, daily, weekly, or monthly.

3. Choose how you want to sort the report using the options in the drop-down menu.

4. After making your selections, click Run to populate your report.

Double-Click on a Department/Subdepartment

For more specifics on an entire Department or certain Subdepartment, simply double click on the desired Department or Subdepartment within the Variance Food Cost Summary Report, and the associated Variance Food Cost Detail Report will appear (as shown above).

1. Here, you can see that after double clicking on the Department or Subdepartment within the Variance Food Cost Summary Report, a new report opened, titled Variance Food Cost Detail, which displays specific information only pertaining to the selected Department or Subdepartment.

2. In this example, the Subdepartment selected was Dairy/Non-Dairy within the Burger Department.


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