Variance Food Cost Detail

Variance Food Cost refers to the difference in your actual food cost (based on invoices and countsheets) and your ideal food cost (based on recipes). The Variance Food Cost Detail displays the variance food cost for each of your subdepartments.

Accessing the Report

Accessing the Report

To access the Variance Food Cost Detail Report:

1. Click on the Menu icon.

2. Hover over Food Cost.

3. Click on Variance Food Cost Detail.

Viewing the Report

1. Select the proper unit.

2. Select the type of report you're wanting to view the report for. Options include weekly, monthly, daily, or shift.

3. Select the desired date range.

4. The Show Options feature (displaying as "Hide Options" because the button is selected) allows you to select which subdepartments appear on the report using the checkboxes.

5. The Report Helper feature (displaying as "Hide Report Helper" because the button is selected) allows you to view the countsheets and purchases that have affected your actual food cost as well as the recipe information responsible for defining your ideal food cost.

Food Cost Breakdown

Food Cost Breakdown

For a more in-depth breakdown of an item's variance food cost, double click on the item within the Variance Food Cost Detail Report. The above tri-colored breakdown will appear, listing the actual food cost information, ideal food cost information, and how the variance food cost for the selected item was calculated.