Actual Food Cost Detail

The Actual Food Cost Detail Report is an excellent tool for getting an in depth look at your store's usage. All the data presented in this report is collected from your countsheets, purchases, and transfers. Actual Food Cost Usage for a selected period equals Beginning Count + Purchases +/- Transfers - Ending Count.

Accessing the Report

Accessing the Report

To access the Actual Food Cost Detail Report:

1. Click on the Menu icon.

2. Hover over Food Cost.

3. Click on Actual Food Cost Detail.

Viewing the Report

1. Select your unit and the type of period you're wanting to view the report for. Choose from shift, daily, weekly, or monthly.

2. Select your beginning and end dates according to your selection in step 1. The beginning date/time is the time at which the beginning inventory count was taken for the selected period. In this example, an inventory count was taken on 4/27/15. The ending date/time is the last day of the given period. An inventory count is taken the period following the ending day, which signifies the beginning date of a new period. In this example, the ending date is 5/3/15, meaning a new beginning count for the following period was taken on  5/4/15.

*Please note that inventory counts taken after closing hours should be dated for the following day. Inventory counts taken prior to the store opening should be dated for the current day.

3. View the beginning count for each item, along with the beginning dollar value for each item, according to invoices.

4. View any purchases, as well as the value for each purchase.

5. View any transfers, both in and out, amongst stores, and the dollar value of each transfer.

6. View the ending inventory count for each item, along with the ending dollar value for each item, according to invoices.

7. Here, you can view your usage for each item. The total usage % is the department's usage $ divided by the net sales for the selected period. In this example, items within the Dairy/NonDairy department/subdepartment accounted .84% of net sales.

8. View the amount of waste that allotted during the given period, as well as its worth.

Food Cost Breakdown

Food Cost Breakdown

For further details on a specific item, simply double click on the item within the Actual Food Cost Detail Report to bring up a Food Cost Breakdown for that item. Here, you can see where all of the data came from, including the beginning count for that item, purchases, transfers, and ending count.

Show Options

Show Options

The Show Options feature allows you to select which departments and subdepartments appear on the report.

1. Click on the Show Options button at the top left of the window.

2. Using the checkboxes, select which departments/subdepartments display on the report.

Report Helper

Report Helper

The Report Helper tool allows you to view the actual beginning and ending countsheets, as well as purchases that were applied to the selected period.

1. Click on Show Report Helper.

2. Use the buttons shown to view the beginning countsheet, ending countsheet, and purchases affecting the selected period.