Hourly Sales

The Hourly Sales report displays exactly what it’s name suggests, hourly sales. View sales by hour and day or by hour, day, and unit. Please note that sales are based on the closed ticket time. For example, if a ticket is opened at 10:59 AM and closed at 11:01 AM, the ticket sale will fall under the 11:00 AM hourly sales.

Accessing the Report

Accessing the Report

To access the Hourly Sales Report:

1. Click on the Menu icon.

2. Hover over Sales.

3. Click on Hourly Sales.

Viewing the Report

1. Select your unit and period.

The Hourly Sales Report offers 3 different views:

2. By Hour and Day tab: View the hourly sales for a specific unit.

3. By Unit: Compare hourly sales across all store locations.

4. By Hour, Day, & Unit: View hourly sales across all locations for each day during the given period.