Day Part Sales

This report is often used by management to analyze sales throughout a single business day. It breaks down each business day into custom day-parts, based on your company’s specifications. Please note that your company’s default day-parts will apply to all stores. Setting individual store day-parts is unavailable.

Accessing the Report

Accessing the Report

To access the Day Part Sales Report:

1. Click on the Menu icon.

2. Hover over Sales.

3. Click on Day Part Sales.

Viewing the Report

1. Select your unit and period.

2. View the report according to actual destinations within the store, such as Order, Here, ToGo, Drive Thru, etc.

3. View the report by date (shown) or by unit.

4. View the report for a specific day of the week.

5. View specifics within the report, such as Tickets or Sales.