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Searching for an Invoice

You can search for previously entered invoices multiple ways within QSROnline.

Browse Invoices tab

Browse Invoices tab

Using this search method, you can search invoices by date, vendor, and/or reference number. If you do not know the reference number of the invoice in question, this search method will be most useful to you, since you can search by date rather than just reference number.

1. Select the Browse Invoices tab.

2. Select the unit and vendor that you're wishing to search invoices for.

3. By default, QSROnline displays the invoices from the last 14 days. Using the drop-down arrow, search for invoices by predetermined dates or custom date ranges.

Search Invoices tab

Search Invoices tab

This method for searching invoices only works if you have the invoice's reference number on hand. If you do have the invoice's reference number, this method is the quickest way to track down an invoice.

1. Select the Search Invoices tab.

2. Key in the invoice's reference number that you're searching for, and press the Search button. The invoice will then appear, highlighted in red. To open the invoice, either double click on the invoice or press the Open Invoice button.