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Setting Employee Availability

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Setting Availability

1. Within the Edit Schedule tab, click on the Set Availability button at the top right of the window.

Setting Employee Availability is a crucial step in creating a schedule. It allows you to build schedules around your employees' school and personal schedules. When trying to schedule an employee during a time they are labeled as Unavailable, you will receive an alert that notifies you that the employee is unavailable to work during that time.

1. Select the employee you're wishing to set availability for using the drop down list.

2 - 6. Using the drop down arrow next to each day of the week, you can select All Day, None, Dinner Only, Lunch Only, or Custom Hours.

2. Selecting custom hours allows you to create custom availability for the employee by dragging the green bar across the timeline to its appropriate position. Hover over the end of the green bar and a double-sided arrow will appear. You may adjust the length of the green bar here.

3. Selecting None highlights the entire day in red, showing that the employee isn't available to work at all that day.

4. Selecting Lunch Only will highlight your company's lunch hours in green, showing that the employee is available to work during that time.

5. Selecting All Day highlights the entire day in green.

6. Selecting Dinner Only will highlight your company's dinner hours in green, showing that the employee is available to work during that time.

7. To save your employee's availability, click the Save button.

Employee Request Off

Employee Request Off

Within the Set Availability window, click the Add Request Off button.

1. Select the employee requesting time off using the drop down arrow.

2. Use the arrows or manually type in the request off date and times.

3. Enter any comments regarding the requested time off.

4. Save the request off by clicking the Save button.

5. To delete an existing request off, click the Delete Request Off button.


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