Setting Employee Availability

Setting Availability

Setting Availability

Click on the Set Availability button and the following screen will appear.

  1. Select the employee from the drop-down that you are wishing to set availability for.
  2. Below the Available section on the left hand side, use the drop down boxes for each day of the week to specify what times the employee is available to work. For custom hours, drag the Available (green) or Unavailable (red) bar from left to right on the timeline.
  3. Once you've finished setting the employee's availability, click the Save to save your work.
  4. Then close the window by hitting the Close button.

Employee Request Time Off

If an employee requests time off, you can add the request to the QSROnline system in order to avoid possible scheduling conflicts.

1. Once you've selected the employee requesting time off, click the Add Request Off button.

2. Select the dates and times that the employee is asking off using the drop down menu.

3. If you wish to add any comments about the requested time off, you may add them in the comments field.

4. Before closing the window, be sure to click the Save button to save the request off.

5. If for any reason, you wish to delete or erase a request off, simply pull up the request off and click the Delete Request Off button.