Help Menu

Locating the Help Menu Icon

Locating the Help Menu Icon

The Help Menu, which will link you back to our Help Guides and tutorials, is represented by the blue question mark in the menu bar at the top of your screen.

The Help Menu can also be accessed by:

1. Clicking on the Menu Icon.

2. Hovering over the Help icon in the drop down.

Within the Help Menu, you can also:

  • Check for Program Updates: From time to time, QSROnline releases updates to the QSROnline Client. By clicking this link, you can easily check to see if your version is out of date and automatically download the latest version.
  • Access the QSROnline Help Guides:  This link will take you directly to the QSROnline Guides which has screenshots and lessons that will provide answers to many of your questions.
  • Submit Support Tickets: This link will enable you to easily submit a support ticket directly to QSROnline.
  • Upload a File to the Support Team: If you need to send a file to the support team, but it is too large for email, you may upload it here using this feature. Once uploaded, the QSROnline Support Team will have immediate access to the file.