Submitting a Support Ticket

Support Tickets are created to resolve any issues found within the QSROnline Client system. Primary contacts can submit support tickets to the QSROnline Support Team via email to Support tickets can be submitted anytime at no cost. If and when submitting a support ticket, please follow the steps below.  Please be aware, ticket submission should be fully vetted prior to opening a ticket.  A ticket must have all minimum requirements met in order for QSROnline to properly research and resolve tickets.  Tickets that do not include the minimum requirements will be returned to requester until met.  If the requirements are not met within 24 hours, the ticket will be closed.  

How to Submit a Support Ticket

1. Within the email to, include the pertinent contact information, such as Company Name, Your Name, Phone Number, and Email Address.  Note:  If you are the main POC for the company, all tickets should come through you and should be fully vetted.  Please do not forward emails from your team as this causes unneeded delay in resolving your issues.

2. Summarize the problem in your email subject line.

3. Provide a detailed description of the problem in the body of your email.

4. Tell us who had the problem and what they were doing at the time. If you were not the person who experienced the issue, please provide the contact information (phone number and email address) for the person who did experience the problem.

5. Screenshots: Screenshots of the problem or error tell us a lot! To capture a screenshot, press CTRL and Print Screen at the same time on your keyboard. This will save the image to your clipboard. In the body of your email message, press CTRL and V at the same time on your keyboard to paste the screenshot into your message. You may also take a screenshot of the issue by using the Snipping Tool within the Programs of a Windows based computer.

6. Error message: If you receive an error message, open it up and cut/paste it into your email for the support team to review.

You may also contact the Support Team by phone at 877-334-6640 for further assistance. Our offices are open Monday-Friday, 9:00-5:00 CST.


Examples of what is required to fully research your requests:

If you are unable to connect to the Client:

  • Ensure there is not an internet connection issue on your end.
  • Please check your firewall and antivirus software to ensure QSROnline is not being blocked.

Other Common ticket related issues:

Make sure that you have all of the details needed to open a ticket.

  • You must be the listed Point of Contact to open a ticket
  • Company Name
  • Unit Name
  • Full description of the issue
  • Copy of screenshot or report you are inquiring about

Examples of the issue:

Countsheets (be specific)

  • Daily, Weekly or Monthly
  • Date of countsheet
  • Specific field to review

MIssing invoices

  • Vendor Name
  • Date of Invoice
  • Invoice Amount
  • Invoice Number

Error Messages

  • Provide the path you took to receive the message
  • Provide a screenshot of the message
  • Please include a screenshot (or copy and paste) of the details tab on the error message.
  • Provide the version of the Client you are in (this can be found at the bottom left hand corner of your screen)
  • Date and Time or error so we are able to review log


How QSROnline Solves Your Support Ticket

Once we receive your ticket request, several things happen:

1. New Service Ticket: A new service ticket is generated with a ticket number that can be used to track your request via the QSROnline Help Desk.

2. Acknowledgment: You will receive an acknowledgment that your request has been received and logged in a response from the Client Services Team.  

3. Ticket Review:  Client Services will then review it to evaluate the best resource to handle the question or issue and assign it to the appropriate team.  First contact resolution is our goal.  If the Client Services Team can resolve the issue, we will.

4. Updates: You will receive updates via email from the assigned team member any time updates, other information is added or more information is requested for the resolution of your ticket.

5. Ticket Related Responses: If a ticket has been generated and you want to respond or update us about the same issue, please REPLY to the email notification you receive, rather than creating a new email. This allows the system to keep all related correspondences within the same ticket.  If you send a separate email to, a new ticket is generated and will cause delays in the research and processing of your ticket/request.

6. Trouble vs. Request for Customization:  If your ticket is regarding an issue you are having, it will always be prioritized over customization request tickets.  A request is classified as a change to your current configuration.  

7. After Hours Emergency Tickets: If your ticket requires immediate action after normal business hours including holidays and weekends, a written approval is required for QSROnline to proceed.

If you are not the main contact, please ensure your main point of contact addresses this ticket with written approval to bill for after hours support.

Please note, marking an after hours ticket urgent may incur additional fees. The after hours rate has a minimum charge of $100 for up to one hour of work performed.

Additional billing will be in $50 increments per half hour thereafter.