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Creating an Inventory List: VIEW SAMPLE HERE

During the initial stages of the QSROnline New Customer Onboarding Process, customers are asked to send their account manager an inventory list. The inventory list should be in an Excel/spreadsheet document. During Food Cost Training, our Food Cost Specialist will show you how to enter your inventory items correctly into the QSROnline Client system.

What to Include in Your Inventory List:

  • A complete list of your inventory items. This needs to be emailed to your account manager in an Excel spreadsheet format.
  • A list of the departments and sub-departments that your inventory items are in. (Examples: DEPT: Food and SUBDEPT: Beef, or DEPT: Bar and SUBDEPT: Beer)
  • A list of up to 15 inventory locations, if you will be counting your inventory items grouped by location. (Examples: Freezer 1, Dry Storage, Walk In, etc.)***This is OPTIONAL.
  • A list containing the units of measure (UOM) for your inventory items that you will use in Countsheets and Recipes. (Example:1st UOM Case of milk- 2nd UOM 4 1 Gallon jugs- 3rd UOM 64 cups- 4th UOM 512 oz.)