Mobile Countsheets

Logging In

Logging In

To log into QSROnline Mobile, go to The log in screen shown above will open. You will use the same Username and Password as the QSROnline Client to log in.

1. Enter your Username.

2. Enter your Password.

3. Click on Log In.


Accessing Mobile Countsheets

Accessing Mobile Countsheets

Click on the Countsheets button.

Opening Mobile Countsheets

Opening Mobile Countsheets

To open a New Countsheet, follow the steps below:

    . Select the desired unit.

  • Your location will display by default.  Admins can select between locations.

    . Select the desired Countsheet type.

  • Using the drop-down arrow to choose one of the following Countsheet types:

       - Daily

       - Weekly

       - Monthly

    . Select the date.

  • Choose the correct date based on your countsheet schedule.

4. Click on Open Countsheet.

Mobile Countsheet Explanation

Mobile Countsheet Explanation

1. Departments

  • You can choose the Department by selecting the drop down arrow next to the name of the Department.
  • You can navigate through the Departments by selecting the double arrows before and after the department name.

2. Inventory Items

  • You can choose the inventory item by selecting the drop down arrow next to the name of the inventory item.
  • You can navigate through the inventory items by selecting the arrows before and after the inventory item name.

Entering Mobile Counts

Entering Mobile Counts

                                                UOM = Unit of Measure

1. The Main UOM is chosen first. The UOM may be switched by touching any UOM or selecting the arrows next to the inventory item name.

2. Select the count for the inventory item by touching the correct number or numbers on the keypad.

3. Selecting Clear will delete the count entered for that specific inventory item.

4. Selecting Prev UOM will go back to the previous UOM or inventory item.

5. Selecting Next UOM will skip to the next UOM or inventory item.

Saving Mobile Countsheets

Saving Mobile Countsheets

After entering a count for a UOM, you will notice that the Prev UOM and Next UOM buttons change to what is displayed in the screenshot above.

1. Selecting Save will automatically save the countsheet.

2. Select Cancel if you want to edit or change the count that was just entered.

3. Select OK to continue to the next UOM or Inventory Item.