Recipe Editor Viewing Options

Menu Items View

Menu Items are pulled directly from your POS System into QSROnline.  Menu Items cannot be manually added to QSROnline but must first be added to the POS System.  The next time your data reports in to QSROnline, all new Menu Items added will populate in the Recipe Editor.

1. The Menu Items button will automatically be selected when you open the Recipe Editor. You can use the filter box to search for items.

2. The Show Items can filter items: Sold in the last 30 days, sold in the last 7 days, or not SOLD in the last 30 days.

3. List of Menu Items.

4. List of Inventory Items in the Recipe.

5. Inventory Item Information.

6. List of other Items containing an Inventory Item.

Ingredients Prep Items \P\PView

Ingredient (Prep Items) are any Sub Recipes/Prep Recipes that are produced in store and cannot be purchased directly from a Vendor.  These include any kind of dressing, sides, or main dishes that take 2 or more inventory items to create.  

1. Change the radio button to Ingredients (Prep Items)

2. List of Ingredients (Prep Items)

3. List of Ingredients and Inventory Items in the Recipe.

4. Information on the Ingredient or Inventory Item.

5. List of items containing the selected Ingredient or Inventory Item.

Recipe Costing Model

Within the Recipe Editor, you will find a Costing Model (outlined in red). You may select any menu item from the list on the left, and that item's recipe will appear on the right. In the example above, you can see that SAUSAGE 5-1 2/5LB is the selected menu item, and all of SAUSAGE 5-1 2/5LB ingredients are listed on the right. The Costing Model offers various pricing information for that menu item, including the "very latest price," "current average price," "current highest price," "current lowest price," and "specific unit's price." Using the Costing Model, you can easily see the most recent price you paid for a specific menu item, as well as the average, highest, and lowest prices paid. View how much a specific unit paid for that menu item using the "specific unit's price" option.