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FAQ's: Frequently Asked Scheduler Questions

Why are employees shown in red on the schedule?

If an employee has requested off or is labeled as Unavailable to work but is scheduled to work, they will appear in red under the Spreadsheet View tab within the schedule. This serves as an alert to you, notifying you that changes should be made to the schedule, either deleting the unavailable employee's shift or reassigning the shift to another employee.

Employees highlighted in red can also signify that the employee is terminated within your POS and is therefore completely unavailable to work.

How do I create a new shift within the Timeline View?

To create a new shift within the Timeline View:

1. Double click anywhere within the yellow area.

2. Within the new shift window, select the employee name you wish to assign to the new shift. Also, select the job code, shift start and end times, and any comments. Then, click the OK button to save your shift.

I have unassigned shifts. What should I do?

I have unassigned shifts. What should I do?

1. Unassigned shifts are marked with a red line within the Timeline View of the schedule.

2. Unassigned shifts can be deleted or assigned to an employee, whichever option best suits your business. To edit or delete the shift, right click it.

Can I revert back to older versions of the schedule?

1. Yes! You can revert back to older versions of the schedule using the History feature. Click on the History link to view older versions of the current schedule.

2. View which users have edited the schedule, as well as which times the schedule was edited.

3. To revert back to older version, click on the desired version, and then click on the Revert Schedule to Selected Version button.

Why is Request Off listed as a job code?

You can assign an employee the job code of Request Off if they have requested a future day off. You can go into a future schedule and assign that employee to the Request Off job code, so that when you create a schedule for that future week, the employee will already be assigned as Request Off.

How do I add an employee to the Scheduler?

Prior to an employee appearing in the Scheduler, the employee must be added into your POS system. Each employee must have a unique employee ID number, unique social security number, valid employee start date, and must be set as active within your POS system. After the employee is added to your POS system and your daily POS data is sent to QSROnline, he or she will appear in the Scheduler.

How do I remove an employee from the Scheduler?

To remove an employee from the Labor Scheduler, simply set a valid termination date and set their status to "inactive" within your POS system. The next time the POS data reports into QSROnline, the terminated employee will no longer be on the scheduler's active employee list.

Where do the projected sales come from?

The projected sales are based on your past sales trends.  The projected sales can be set to compare to the previous week’s sales, an average of the past 2 to 10 weeks, or last year's sales with or without adjustments.

How do I adjust an employee’s time?

Adjustments must be made within the POS system.  The next time the POS system reports into QSROnline, any adjustments made will be be reflected in the Scheduler.

How do I change an employee’s pay rate?

The pay rate needs to be changed within the POS system.  The next time POS data reports into QSROnline, the new pay rate change will be reflected in the Scheduler.

Why do I have duplicate employees?

The employee's name may be entered in the POS system more than once. Each entry within the POS system may display the same employee name but different employee ID's and social security numbers. You must set a termination date in the POS system to remove each duplicate employee.  

How can I view changes made to the schedule?

You are able to view any changes made to the schedule by selecting “View History” or "History" within the Scheduler.  This will allow you to view the date and time that the schedule was edited, along with who made the changes.

Why do some employees fall under multiple job codes?

An employee will fall under all job codes that he/she has been scheduled to in the past 4 weeks within the Scheduler.  An employee will automatically drop a job code after not being scheduled to it for 4 weeks.

How do I change the week start date in the Scheduler?

The week start date will need to be changed by QSROnline.  Admin approval is required to make this change.  Please keep in mind that this change will affect all units within your company.  If you would like to change the week start date for scheduling purposes for your company, please contact QSROnline via support@qsronline.com or 877-334-6640.