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Common Reasons for Missing Data

Everyday, QSROnline pulls your sales and labor data directly from your POS system to provide you with the most up-to-date information. Sometimes, the data fails to report into QSROnline for various reasons. As soon as we find that your data is missing, we will notify you immediately, but the good news is that the majority of missing data causes are completely preventable. See our list of the most common reasons for missing data below.

Connectivity Issues

In order for QSROnline to access your POS data, your computer installed with your POS software should remain plugged in and online. When your POS computer is turned off or lacks internet connection, QSROnline is incapable of accessing your data. Please make sure that your POS computer is left turned on with internet connection after business hours so that we may pull your data at 6:00 AM each day.

Also, please notify us of any internet failures, power outages, or other potential connectivity issues.

Changes to Security

Upon the initial installation of the QSROnline software on your POS computer, QSROnline must be granted permission to access your computer. This means that your computer's security software (firewalls) must allow QSROnline's software to be present on your computer. Upgrades or changes to security can sometimes block QSROnline from accessing your computer, ultimately resulting in missing data.

If your computer's security changes, please grant QSROnline access and notify us of any issues.

New POS Computer

POS computers that do not have the QSROnline program installed don them are unable to send QSROnline your sales and labor data.

If you replace your POS computer, please notify us so that we may install the required QSROnline software on it as soon as possible.

Closed for Holidays, Remodels, Weather

Because QSROnline pulls your sales and labor data daily, we ask that you notify the Support Team of any business closures. This way, when we receive sales of $0.00 for your business, we will know it is due to your business being closed, not an error in the connection.

If possible, please notify us in advance of an close dates, including holidays, business remodels, severe weather conditions, etc.