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Resending POS Data to QSROnline

If you notice missing sales or labor data in QSROnline, it is likely due to a failure in connection between your POS computer and QSROnline. If you find yourself missing data, you can try resending your POS data to QSROnline by following the steps below. The process is rather simple.

Log into the QSROnline Client

Log into the QSROnline Client

First, log into the QSROnline Client.

Resend Data

Resend Data

1. Click on the Menu icon.

2. Hover over Help.

3. Click Resend POS Data to QSROnline.

This pop-up will appear, information you that POS data is resent from your POS computer. To proceed, click the Yes button.

Upon clicking Yes, another pop-up will appear displaying a message that the QSROnlineSend program has started and will begin resending your data files to QSROnline. Please allow your computer up to 15 minutes to complete the task. This will, in most instances, resend your sales and labor data to QSROnline, correcting any missing data issues. If your data is still missing after attempting to resend POS data to QSROnline, please contact our Support Team at 877-334-6640 or support@qsronline.com, and we will be more than happy to assist you.

*Please note that if you use SAM2000, Brink, Revel, Focus, or OnePOS as your POS system, you will NOT be able to resend your POS data to QSROnline. Also, if your company uses Spreadsheets to track sales and labor data, you will not be able to resend sales or labor data to QSROnline.

Please contact QSROnline for further assistance to correct any missing data issues.