Accessing ZipShifts

1. You can manage ZipShifts under the Post Schedule tab.

2. Click on the Manage ZipShifts button.

Employee Invite Tab

1. Within the Send Employee Invite Emails Tab, admins can send account activation emails to their employees.

2. For companies with multiple stores, you may select your unit at the top of the window.

3. Using the yellow boxes within the Scheduler Email column, enter in each employee's email address.

4. You can select which employees need to receive a sign up/activation email by using the checkboxes next to their names. Check the boxes next to those employees who SHOULD receive an activation email, and leave the boxes blank for those employees who DON'T need an activation email.

5. Once you've entered in all of the employees' email addresses and selected those who need an activation email, click on the Send Selected Employees Sign Up Email button to send employees a sign up/activation email for their ZipShifts account.

Status Tab

Within the ZipShifts Status tab, admins can see which employees have created their ZipShifts account and those that have not.

Trade Approval Tab

ZipShifts allows employees to post unwanted shifts and to pick up posted shifts, all with admin approval.

1. Under the Shift Trade Approval Tab, admins can approve or reject shift trades with the click of a button.

Observe the:

2. Shift date, shift time, and employee comments for posting the shift.

3. The employee posting the shift.

4. The employee wanting to take the unwanted shift.