Sending Schedules to Employees

You can send your employees their schedules via email and/or text message.

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Employee Contact Information

1. To send schedules to employees, open up the Post Schedule tab.

If it is your first time using the Scheduler, you will need to key in each of your employee's contact information (email addresses and phone numbers) into the system. Employee names and ID's are imported into QSROnline from your POS system, but their contact information is not.

2. To enter employee contact information into the QSROnline Client, click on the Schedule Delivery Settings button, and the following window will appear.  

1. Within this window, the yellow boxes are editable fields. You can edit employee's email addresses and phone numbers and also use the checkboxes to determine which delivery method(s) is most desirable for your employees.

2. After editing employees' contact information, click on the Save & Close button to save changes.

Saving and Posting the Schedule

To save and send your schedule to employees, click on the Save and Post button.