Copying an Older Schedule

Once you've created your first few schedules, you can lighten your work load by copying a previous schedule.

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Copy From Feature

To copy an older schedule:

1. Click the Copy From button.

2. Observe your projected sales for the given week.

3. Look at the Projected Sales column to view your projected sales for previous weeks. Then, find the projected sales figure in the column that is closest to the current week's projected sales. This is to ensure that you copy a schedule that will supplies enough labor hours to adequately cover your projected sales. Click on that row.

4. You have the option to copy both Jobs and Employees or Jobs Only using the radial buttons.

5. After finding similar projected sales and making your copy selections, press the OK button.

Upon clicking the OK button, the previous schedule will be copied into the current week's timeline.

Shifts marked with a red line are unassigned shifts that need to be reassigned to another available employee. To reassign the shift, either double click on the shift or right click it to edit it.