How to Create a Schedule

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Edit Schedule Tab

1. The view shown here is the Timeline view.

2. Creating and editing schedules can be done within the Edit Schedule tab.

3. Change work weeks by using the drop-down arrow.

4. View a specific day using the drop-down arrow.

Adding Shifts

1. To add a shift, double click within the blank timeline, and the window shown will appear.

2. Assign the new shift to an employee using the drop-down.

3. Then, select the appropriate job code from the drop-down.

4. Make any adjustments to shift time here.

5. Write any notes or comments about the shift in this field.

6. To add the shift to the schedule, click the OK button.


You will see the color-coded job added to the timeline.

Adjusting the shift

You can easily adjust the duration and start/end times of the shift by using the drag & drop features. Simply click on the shift and drag it to the appropriate start time. Shorten or lengthen the shift by hovering over the end of the shift until the double-sided arrow appears. Then, click and drag the end to the appropriate time.

You may also make adjustments by double clicking the shift to bring up the New Shift window to reassign, edit start/end times, delete, or changes job codes.

A Complete Schedule

A completed schedule will look something like this. You can see each job code is differentiated by color. To edit a shift, simply double click it or right click it. Use the drag & drop feature to move, shorten, or lengthen shifts.

Looking at the timeline above the schedule, you can see your sales projections and projected labor hours. Looking at the variance labor hours shows where you may need to make scheduling adjustments in order to meet labor goals.

Grouping by Job Code

You can choose to view the schedule according to job codes by checking the box next to Group By Job.

Creating a Schedule in Spreadsheet View

QSROnline offers an alternate view for creating a schedule, known as the Spreadsheet View. This version is recommended when creating your very first schedule.

This version acts much like an excel sheet. To assign an employee a shift:

1. You can edit the default shift length here.

2. You may enter any day comments here.

3. Select the job code using the drop-down arrow.

4. Set the shift start and end times in these boxes.