Sales Forecasting

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Sales Forecast Tab

1. Under the Forecast Sales tab, you can forecast sales for a future week.

2. Click the unit button to switch between multiple store locations.

3. Select your future work week from the drop-down list.

4. If granted permission within your settings, you can change the Projected Sales Trend using the drop-down button.

5. In this example, the sales shown are the average sales for the last 6 weeks for each specific day. Your total projected sales for the given week are $60,228.

Adjusting Sales

1. If you feel that actual sales are going to be slightly different than those projected, you can use the yellow boxes in the Adjust Sales column to make adjustments. Simply key in the adjustments. For negative adjustments, key in the "-" sign before keying in the numbers, and parentheses will appear letting you know that the figure is negative. Your adjusted amount will appear at the bottom of the column in the Total row. Your Sales Projection Total will also adjust according to your adjusted sales.

2. After making adjustments, you can move onto the next stage in the scheduling process by clicking on the Next: Edit Schedule button.