Creating your Settings

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Settings Button

1. You can access the Settings button within each of the 5 tabs. In this example, the Forecast Sales tab is open.

2. Click on the Settings button at the bottom left of the window.

Editing Settings

Editing Settings

1. Within the Settings window, use the radial buttons to set either Company Settings or individual Unit Settings.

2.Forecast Sales Settings: When forecasting sales for a future week, admins can select the "projected sales trend." Use the drop down to determine how many weeks back the forecast will use to project future sales. For example, this forecast setting shows a 6 Weeks Average. This means that if you are forecasting sales for next Sunday, QSROnline will average the sales from the last 6 Sundays to project your sales for the upcoming Sunday. Checking the checkbox allows non-admin users to select different projected sales trends. If you do not wish to allow users to select a different projected sales trend than what you've selected, uncheck the box.

3. Edit Schedule Settings: Here, you can use the drop down arrow to create the Default Shift Length for schedules. Whenever a manager is creating a schedule and they key in the shift start time, the shift end time will auto-populate according to the Default Shift Length here. *Please note that the managers can edit the shift length within the actual schedule when creating schedules.

***Please see the following screen shots for Set Earned Hours and Edit Company Job Settings.

4. Possible Errors Settings: These settings help alert you of employees approaching or reaching overtime. In this example, employees who will reach 35 + hours, according to the selected week's schedule, will be highlighted in yellow. Employees who will reach 40+ hours will be highlighted in red.

5. Administrator Only Settings: Admins are the only users who have access to this section. Here, use the drop down arrow to determine which users have access to Edit Unit Settings. (Choose from Everyone, Admin Only, Admin - AM Only, & Admin - AM - GM Only.)

6. Save all changes to your Settings by clicking the Save button at the bottom of the window.

Set Earned Hours

Set Earned Hours

1. Click the Set Earned Hours button.

2. For each earned hour, set the minimum sales/hour threshold.

3. Enter the minimum number of employees that can be scheduled for each hour of the day.

Edit Company Job Settings

Edit Company Job Settings

1. Click the Edit Company Job Settings Button

2. Use this column to rearrange the order that the job codes are listed in within the Scheduler.

3. Job Name is not editable because it is pulled directly from your POS system.

4. Add classifications for each job code to use when scheduling.

5. Customize the job code abbreviations that will be used when posting the schedule.

6. Customize the color of the job codes within the Timeline view of the Scheduler.

7. Uncheck to hide job codes in the Scheduler.

8. Save changes by clicking the OK button at the bottom of the screen.