Sending Schedules to Employees

Once a schedule is created and ready to be published, it can automatically be sent to employees via text message or email. Utilizing the email and/or text feature requires that employees' email and/or phone numbers be entered into the proper fields within the Scheduler.  

Sending the Schedule

Sending the Schedule

To send a copy of the new schedule to employees, click the Send Schedule button at the top of your screen, and the following window will appear.

Each employee must provide an email address and/or cell phone number depending on how they would like to receive their schedule. Their contact information should be entered by a company administrator into the QSROnline Scheduler.  

1. At the top left hand corner, there are two buttons: Select All and Select None. Here, you can send the schedule to all listed employees , or you can select only those employees you wish to send the schedule to by using the check boxes next to the employee names.

2. To the right of their name is the Select to Email column. For those employees whom choose to be emailed, check all that apply.

3. To the right of the email addresses is the Select to SMS. For those employees whom choose to have their schedule sent via SMS text, check all that apply.

4. Once the correct names and delivery methods have been checked, first click on the Send ALL Schedules button to send the employees their schedules.

5. Then, click on the Save & Close button.

6. If by chance there were two or three employees whose schedules changed, check by their names and sending option(s). Then, click on the Send Changed Schedules button, followed by the Save & Close button.

Sending a Mass Message

Sending a Mass Message

To send a mass message to an entire unit or multiple units, simple click the Send Mass Message button. The following Mass Messenger window will appear.

1. You have the option to send the mass message to all employees within the selected store locations by text and email. To do so, be sure to check the check box next to Subject: Send text and email.

The Mass Messenger works just like an email. Simply create a subject within the Subject line, and write your message within the Body.

2. Once you've finished writing your message, click the Send Message button at the bottom of your screen.