Subscribing to Emailed Reports

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Accessing Emailed Reports

Accessing Emailed Reports

To access Emailed Reports:

1. Click on the Menu Icon.

2. Hover over Company.

3. Click on Email Reports.

Once you have opened the Emailed Reports, you can click on an existing User to see which reports they are already subscribed to.

View User Subscriptions

To add a new Emailed Report:

1. Select the user needing the emailed report.

2. Click on Add New Subscription button.

Adding a New Subscription

Within the Adding New Subscription window:

1. Select the reporting category or categories in which you are interested in subscribing reports from. A total of four catagories are available: Sales, Labor, Food Cost, and Operations. In this example, the Sales category has been chosen. Below the Report Category heading is a list of all reports available for subscription within the selected category.

2. Select the report from the list in which you wish to subscribe to.

3. To view a preview of the report, click on the Preview Report tab at the top of  your screen.

4. Select the days in which you wish to receive the selected report.

5. Select the report delivery time.

6. Make sure that the email address automatically populated in this window is correct and up-to-date.

7.  Click the Save button to complete your emailed report subscription.

Top Emailed Report Subscriptions

Daily Email-Handheld Area

The Daily Email-Handheld Area Report offers a snapshot of your most crucial numbers, including labor percentages, net sales, cash +/-, check averages, and transactions. In addition, the report compares the current day's numbers to those of last week's and last year's.

Daily Email-Unit Summaries

View your daily sales, day-part sales, transactions, and labor dollars across units in a quick, easy-to-read summary.  

Clock In Clock Out Exceptions Report

The Clock In Clock Out Exceptions Report compares your actual sales and labor to your projected sales and labor. Actual sales figures higher than projected sales are highlighted in green. Actual sales lower than projected sales are highlighted in red. On the contrary, actual labor higher than projected labor is highlighted in red while actual labor lower than projected labor will be highlighted in green.

In addition, this report will list those employees who failed to show up for work.

Employee Overtime Report

The Employee Overtime Report is an excellent snapshot of each employees current working hours, remaining working hours, and their total working hours for the end of the week. Those employees who will reach overtime according to their scheduled and worked hours will be highlighted in red, making it easy for managers to see where scheduling adjustments need to be made.

No Clock Out Report

No Clock Out Report

The No Clock Out Report notifies managers when employees fail to clock out by listing the employees along with their clock in times.

Top Selling Menu Items - By Sales $

The Top Selling Menu Items Report lists your top selling menu items, along with quantities sold and revenue earned. With this report, managers can easily decipher which items should are most popular and which items should be promoted to customers.

Vendor Item Price Changes-Handheld

Trying to stay on top of your food cost? Whenever a vendor changes their price for an item, the item's old and new price will be listed within this report.

Editing/Unsubscribing to a Subscription

If you are wishing to unsubscribe from or edit an emailed report subscription:

1. First, select the user wishing to unsubscribe or edit the subscription.

2. Select the emailed report you are wishing to edit or unsubscribe from.

3. You can make changes to the reports that the selected user is subscribed to by selecting the Edit Subscription button.

4. If you no longer wish to receive a subscribed email report, simply click on the Unsubscribe button.