User Editor

The QSROnline User Editor allows you to create a Username and Send the Activation email to any employee whom will need access to the QSROnline program.

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Locating the User Editor

Locating the User Editor

To access the User Editor:

1. Click on the Menu Icon.

2. Hover over Company.

3. Click on User Editor.

Creating a New User

Creating a New User

From the User Editor screen, click the Create New User button.

New User Window

New User Window

1. In the New User window, fill in the user name, email, and first & last names for the new user.

2. By default, the box next to Enabled will be checked. An enabled user is one who can log into QSROnline, or in other words, an active user. If you uncheck this box, the user will no longer be able to log into QSROnline. Typically, you would only disable a user if they leave your company.

3. You will have to select a Role for the new user before you can save the new User. To do so, click on the No Roles Set button.

Selecting a Role

Selecting a Role

1. Upon clicking the No Roles Set button, the window above will appear. Using the drop-down, choose an appropriate role for the user.

2. If your company owns multiple locations, determine which unit(s) the user needs access to using the drop-down here.

3. To save your changes, press the OK button.

4. To save your new user, click the Add User button.

Viewing All Users

Once you've saved the new user, they will be added to the list of existing users.

An account setup email will be sent to their email address with their user information, along with a link to create a password.

Editing an Existing User

To Edit a User’s Information:

1.  Click on the pencil icon within the Edit User window.

2.  Make any necessary changes within the Edit User window.

3. Once you've finished making changes, click Update User.

Disabling an Existing User

If you are wanting to Disable a User:

1.  Click on the pencil icon next to the user you are wishing to disable.

2.  Within the Edit User window, uncheck the box next to Enabled.

3.  Click the Update User button.

Resending an Activation Email to a User

Resending an Activation Email to a User

Administrators are the only users that can reset user access or resend the activation email in the case that a user needs their password reset.

To resend an activation email, simply click on the Resend Activation Instructions button. A confirmation box will pop-up to confirm the email for the employee is correct. Press OK to close the pop-up and proceed with resending the activation email.