Role Editor

The Role Editor is where you create specific Roles for each User, only giving them permission to use the features in QSROnline that are assigned to them by their Role.

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Locating the Role Editor

Locating the Role Editor

To access the Role Editor:

1. Click on the Menu icon.

2. Hover over Company.

3. Click on Role Editor.

Default Roles

Default Roles

Once you have opened the Role Editor, you will notice that an Administrator and User Role have already been added by QSROnline. We have set these as default Roles for you to choose from.

They are default roles, but can be deleted or renamed and you can create additional roles to your liking as well.

Creating a New Role

To create a New Role that you can customize yourself:

1. Click on Add Role.

2. Type in the Name of the Role you would like to add (ex: Shift Leader.)

3. Click on the Green Check Mark to Add the Role. The "wrong" or incorrect symbol is to cancel.

Role Permissions

Role Permissions

Once you have added the Role (ex: Shift Leader), \Pyou will be able to scroll through the Permissions and check the boxes you would like to assign to that Role. Keep in mind you can assign multiple users to each Role.  In the example above, the selections that are checked are what the "Shift Leader" will have access to when logging onto QSROnline.

Role Changes

Role Changes

You are able to make changes to each Role you create by following these steps.

1. You can “Edit Role Name” by clicking on the pencil icon.

2. “Copy a Role” duplicates that role, and allows you to change that Role Name.

3. “Delete Role” completely deletes the role when clicking on the red X.

**Before deleting a role, be sure that a user isn't assigned to that specific role.